ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce

It is a complete, fully customizable, and cloud-ready ecommerce platform specifically tailored for the fashion industry. With its robust features and adaptable architecture, PlacoEcommerce provides a tailored solution for fashion businesses to establish and grow their online presence. From clothing and accessories to footwear and beauty products, PlacoEcommerce empowers fashion brands to showcase their offerings, manage inventory, process payments, and deliver a seamless shopping experience to customers.


ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce is an all-encompassing and highly adaptable ecommerce platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. Built on the robust ASP.NET framework, this platform offers a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities that empower businesses to establish and manage their online stores with ease.

PlacoEcommerce boasts a fully customizable architecture, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their unique requirements. Whether it's the design, layout, or functionality, every aspect of the ecommerce platform can be personalized to reflect the brand's identity and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.

The cloud readiness of ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce ensures that businesses can leverage the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and reliability. By utilizing cloud infrastructure, the platform enables effortless expansion and handles fluctuations in traffic without compromising performance. This cloud compatibility also facilitates easy integration with other cloud-based services, providing businesses with a unified ecosystem to streamline their operations.

With ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce, businesses gain access to a wide array of essential ecommerce features. These include inventory management, product catalog management, secure payment gateways, order processing, shipping integration, customer relationship management, and powerful analytics. The platform is equipped with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive customer information and protect against fraudulent activities.

Furthermore, ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce offers advanced marketing tools to help businesses enhance their online visibility and drive sales. This includes search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities, social media integration, email marketing, promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs. By utilizing these marketing features, businesses can effectively reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty.

ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce's user-friendly admin panel provides businesses with intuitive controls to manage their online stores efficiently. The platform also supports multi-channel selling, enabling businesses to extend their reach across various online marketplaces and social media platforms.

In summary, ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce is a comprehensive, highly customizable, and cloud-ready ecommerce platform that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any business. It empowers businesses to establish a robust online presence, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive growth in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Main Features

ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce offers a wide range of features to support businesses in creating and managing their online stores. Here are the key features of ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce:

  1. Customizability: The platform provides extensive customization options, allowing businesses to personalize the design, layout, and functionality of their online stores according to their branding and requirements.
  2. Cloud Readiness: ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce is built to leverage cloud infrastructure, offering scalability, flexibility, and reliability. It ensures smooth performance, effortless expansion, and easy integration with other cloud-based services.
  3. Product Management: Easily manage product catalogs, including creating, editing, categorizing, and organizing products. Add multiple product images, descriptions, prices, and variations, such as sizes and colors.
  4. Inventory Management: Track stock levels, receive low stock notifications, and manage inventory across multiple warehouses or locations. Keep your product availability up-to-date and avoid overselling.
  5. Secure Payment Gateways: Integrate with popular payment gateways to offer customers a secure and seamless checkout experience. Support various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and online banking.
  6. Order Processing: Efficiently manage and process orders, including order tracking, status updates, and automated notifications to customers. Handle returns, refunds, and cancellations easily.
  7. Shipping Integration: Integrate with shipping providers to provide real-time shipping rates, generate shipping labels, and streamline the fulfillment process. Offer options for different shipping methods and carriers.
  8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Maintain a comprehensive customer database, including order history, contact information, and preferences. Personalize customer experiences and offer targeted marketing campaigns.
  9. Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and overall store performance. Generate reports on key metrics, such as revenue, conversion rates, and top-selling products.
  10. SEO and Marketing Tools: Optimize your online store for search engines with built-in SEO features. Implement marketing campaigns, promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs. Integrate with social media platforms and leverage email marketing.
  11. Multi-Channel Selling: Expand your reach by selling on multiple channels, including online marketplaces and social media platforms. Manage inventory and orders from a centralized dashboard.
  12. Security and Fraud Prevention: Ensure the security of customer data and transactions with advanced security measures, including SSL certificates, encryption, and PCI compliance. Detect and prevent fraudulent activities.
  13. Responsive Design: Create mobile-friendly and responsive online stores that provide an optimal shopping experience across devices and screen sizes.
  14. Admin Panel: An intuitive and user-friendly admin panel allows easy management of products, orders, customers, and settings. Access real-time data, make updates, and monitor performance.

ASP.NET PlacoEcommerce offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower businesses to establish and manage their online stores effectively. These features enable businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive sales, and achieve growth in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Technical Specification

PlacoEcommerce is developed utilizing the latest technologies to deliver a modern and efficient ecommerce solution. The technical specifications of PlacoEcommerce include:

  1. ASP.NET: PlacoEcommerce is built using ASP.NET, a powerful and scalable web development framework. ASP.NET provides a solid foundation for building secure, reliable, and high-performance web applications. It offers features such as server-side processing, efficient data handling, and seamless integration with other technologies.
  2. Angular: The frontend of PlacoEcommerce is developed using Angular, a popular JavaScript framework. Angular provides a responsive and interactive user interface, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience. It facilitates dynamic content rendering, efficient data binding, and seamless interaction with the platform.
  3. AWS (Amazon Web Services): PlacoEcommerce leverages the cloud computing capabilities of AWS to ensure scalability, reliability, and high availability. AWS offers a wide range of cloud services, including compute, storage, and database solutions. By utilizing AWS services, PlacoEcommerce can handle increased user traffic, store data securely, and deliver optimal performance.
  4. AWS Web Services: PlacoEcommerce integrates with various AWS services such as Amazon S3 for scalable storage, Amazon SES for email notifications, Amazon CloudFront for content delivery, and AWS Lambda for serverless computing. These services enhance the functionality and performance of PlacoEcommerce.
  5. Database Management: PlacoEcommerce utilizes a robust database management system such as Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) or Microsoft SQL Server to efficiently handle data storage and retrieval. The database stores product information, customer data, order details, and other relevant information, ensuring seamless access and retrieval of data.
  6. Security Measures: PlacoEcommerce incorporates stringent security measures to protect user data and ensure the integrity of the platform. This includes data encryption, secure communication protocols (HTTPS), user authentication mechanisms, and other security best practices. These measures safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.
  7. Responsive Design: PlacoEcommerce follows responsive design principles to ensure optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes. The platform dynamically adjusts its layout and content presentation based on the user's device, providing a seamless and consistent experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  8. Payment Gateway Integration: PlacoEcommerce integrates with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree to facilitate secure online transactions. This allows customers to make payments using various payment methods, providing a seamless checkout experience.
  9. APIs and Integrations: PlacoEcommerce provides API endpoints and integration capabilities to connect with third-party services such as shipping carriers, marketing platforms, and inventory management systems. These integrations enhance the functionality of PlacoEcommerce and enable businesses to streamline their operations.
  10. Scalability and Performance: PlacoEcommerce is designed to be highly scalable and performant, capable of handling increased user traffic and growing product catalogs. The platform utilizes caching mechanisms, optimized code structures, and cloud resources to ensure fast loading times, responsive user interactions, and reliable performance.

In summary, PlacoEcommerce is developed utilizing a combination of the latest technologies, including ASP.NET, Angular, AWS Web Services, and cloud infrastructure. These technologies enable efficient data processing, responsive user interfaces, secure transactions, seamless integrations, and scalable performance. PlacoEcommerce offers a comprehensive, fully customizable, and cloud-ready ecommerce solution for fashion businesses to establish and grow their online presence.

- Quick Previews

Developer Toolkit

A fully-equipped laboratory designed to facilitate exploration, extension, and recreation of new components, allowing thorough testing before their integration into production applications.

Preview Feature


A comprehensive, highly customizable, and modular dashboard that offers thousands of available options, empowering you to tailor it according to your specific requirements.

Preview Feature


A fully integrated workspace, compatible with SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, that enables seamless management of unlimited accounts, each with its own distinct feature sets, themes, settings, and data.

Preview Feature

Workspace Features

Features is a core component that manages and keep track of all available core modules for workspaces and allow admins to manage layouts for each feature or module.

Preview Feature


A robust theme system empowering administrators to efficiently manage an unlimited number of themes and their corresponding settings. This core component plays a pivotal role in workspace themes and serves as a foundation for creating a website application builder SaaS solution.

Preview Feature

Theme Modules

Experience the most advanced functionality for building modules or components, capable of efficiently managing unlimited modules catering to both static HTML content and dynamic features. With the ability to control website features directly from the dashboard, this powerful tool eliminates the need for writing a single line of code.

Preview Feature

Content Editor

Discover the ultimate content editor, offering unparalleled ease in managing website content modularly, like never before. With effortless data customization directly from the dashboard, you have complete control over how you want to manage your content without having to write a single line of code.

Preview Feature

Layout Editor

Similar to the content editor, the layout editor provides a seamless way to manage the layout, features, modules, and components of each page on your website directly from the admin dashboard, eliminating the need to write a single line of code.

Preview Feature

Report Editor

Much like the content editor, the report editor serves as the central component of the multi-page report generation tool. With its capability to seamlessly integrate reports with unlimited options, generate output, and embed output into specific report pages, it proves to be a powerful asset for creating comprehensive reports.

Preview Feature

Multi-Page Report Builder

It encompasses a robust, multi-page reporting designer, generator, and publisher, enabling the seamless creation of report templates and the generation of reports based on these templates.

Preview Feature

Workspace Templates

Introducing a comprehensive template system for workspaces, facilitating the creation of unlimited templates targeting specific features, themes, and more. These templates can be utilized by workspaces to customize application services according to their unique requirements.

Preview Feature

Categories [Multi-Channel]

It incorporates the most advanced multi-layer, multi-channel categories management, empowering you to efficiently handle an unlimited number of categories specific to a workspace or applicable across all workspaces, regardless of content type.

Preview Feature

Batch Submitter

It incorporates a batch submission module for various content types, such as categories, enabling the simultaneous submission of unlimited contents at once.

Preview Feature

Workspace Settings

It offers a comprehensive workspace settings management system, empowering you to efficiently handle every aspect specific to your workspace.

Preview Feature

Workspace Pages

It includes advance pages management module that can help manage workspace unlimited pages including system reserved pages and custom added pages.

Preview Feature


A comprehensive module that can help manage unlimited locations targetting specific country, state or region. It also have builtin support for simplemaps free version.

Preview Feature

Roles & Permissions

It includes advance permissions & resource based permission that can help super admin to create unlimited roles, associate resource permissions and apply roles to any user or group of users.

Preview Feature


It incorporates a robust gamification module, providing seamless management of badges, rewards, levels, points, and credits. Additionally, it allows for easy awarding of gamified items to users during any event, all achieved with just a single line of code.

Preview Feature


It features an advanced packages management module that facilitates the seamless handling of unlimited packages catering to various categories, including subscriptions, company or user account upgrades, and credit purchases.

Preview Feature

Mail Templates

It includes advance mail templates engine for managing unlimited mail templates that can be used by sending emails through various website events.

Preview Feature

Products Module

Here is a quick preview of the core management features offered by the Products module.

Manage Products

This comprehensive module is designed to effectively manage products and their related features. Additionally, it provides numerous filtering options and the ability to download data in CSV or XSLT files.

Preview Feature

Add Product

The Products Module includes the most advanced 'Add Product' feature, enabling you to effortlessly gather complex product data, media files, dynamic product selection, specification data, and much more.

Preview Feature

Manage Product Profile

Products Module provide comprehensive profile management for products that can help you review product information, media files, custom options, specification, actions and numerous other features.

Preview Feature

Manage Dynamic Attributes

It incorporates an advanced and user-friendly dynamic attribute management tool for product specification and customized options, enabling easy customization of attributes for individual categories or across all categories. This provides you with the flexibility to customize product specification and product selection without the need to write a single line of code.

Preview Feature

Products - Report Builder

Products module includes a robust report building feature with a plenty of options for generating reports, focusing on Products sales, featured listings, and more.

Preview Feature

Products - Data Seeder

Products module includes a powerful data seeder module that can efficiently generate and submit products based on numerous options. Its primary purpose is to create and dump a substantial amount of products listings, facilitating QA and testing processes.

Preview Feature

Cron Jobs

Products Module includes an advanced cron job feature that automates tasks and executes actions based on various events. For instance, it can send an email when a featured product listing is about to expire within 2 days.

Preview Feature

Media Module

Media is a core module that efficiently manages all types of media files, including videos, photos, audio files, and more.

Here is a quick preview of the core management features offered by the Jobs module.

Manage Media

Advance module with numerous filters and download options for managing media files.

Preview Feature

Manage Albums

Advance module with numerous filters and download options for managing media albums files.

Preview Feature

Upload Media

Advance real-time uploader for photos and other types of media contents.

Preview Feature

Media Profile

A complete profile managment for media files to manage media content, actions and features.

Preview Feature

Media Crawler

A comprehensive data scrapping tool to scrapt photos and manage it within website.

Preview Feature

Media - Report Builder

Media module includes a robust report building feature with a plenty of options for generating reports, focusing on media submission, featured listings, and more.

Preview Feature

Cron Jobs

Media Module includes an advanced cron job feature that automates tasks and executes actions based on various events. For instance, it can send an email when a featured media about to expire within 2 days.

Preview Feature

Other Modules

Here is a quick preview of the core management features of all other core modules


A complete module with a wide array of comprehensive filters and convenient download to csv, xslt options, specifically designed for efficient management of users, admins and other types of members.

Preview Feature


A comprehensive module management system designed to effectively handle blogs, news, and articles, equipped with a multitude of filter options and various actions for seamless content administration.

Preview Feature

Custom Service

Translating Back-End Frameworks

The PlacoEcommerce back-end has been developed using the latest (.NET 7+) Framework. Additionally, we offer support for translating its backend into other languages, such as Laravel, Django, etc., upon custom request. The conversion process typically takes 2 - 4 weeks, depending on resource availability.

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